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City Farms and the People Who Love Them

The City Farmer

Fritz Haeg's site about Edible Estates


Backyard Chickens is by far one of the best websites around for information about all your small coop needs.

My Pet Chicken has some great information too.

The City Chicken is just a joy to read.

Other Backyard Agricultural experiments

Backyard aquaculture - our friends are trying their hand at fish farming. More ambitious and foolhardy than chickens - really interesting -
Large scale Hosta farming - My  sister and brother in-law's yard is amazing - it verges on agritainment. Beyond the astounding variety of Hosta there are bees, blueberry bushes and many thousands of flowers.  If you need garden advice or are interested in perennials give them a call.


Glynis Cooney - debut novel Daughter of Camelot