Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to an experiment in urban farming

My husband and I are as far from rural as you can get. Having grown up in major cities, we worked in technology and spent evenings hitting up bars with friends to talk about the latest news or art house film.

Then we had kids.

Now living on the northern edge of Massachusetts, we have decided to embrace rural living. Unfortunately we don't live in the country. As an experiment, we hope to create a "microfarm" to give our kids, and ourselves, a chance to learn about where our food comes from. Our plan is to raise chickens in a small side yard and tear up our front lawn to create an attractive vegetable garden inspired by Fritz Haeg's Edible Estates.

We have no qualifications.

We have no experience.

Often, we have no energy.

Our greatest hope is that the neighbors don't hate us by the end.


  1. City Kid- you must Netflix "The Good Neighbors" immediately, if you haven't already. This is a British 70's sit com that i was addicted to as a kid...about suburban homesteaders. It's the funniest thing ever..
    Also, my cousin, who lives in Philly, is featured in a city farming book... i will find out more... They have corn growing in raised beds on wheels that they push around their car parking area to follow the sun...

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. We'll definitely take a look.