Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hipper Chicks

We at the farm want our followers to know that just because we've been getting down with the earth, it doesn't mean we don't appreciate the asthetic value of what can be produced by the human hand.

It has come to our attention that some of our fellows, who shall remain nameless, think that since we've moved to the 'burbs we've lost our appreciation for edgy cool and can no longer blend ideas like abstract and realism. There is a suspicion among this nameless sect, that somehow, having kids and planting stuff means that very soon we'll be hiking the pants up high and ironing the pleats in those w-i-d-e mom jeans. We state here and now, this is not the case.

To prove that we can still go toe to toe with the hipster set, we imported an artist - from Brooklyn no less- and commissioned a mural for the chicken barn.


You can tell our artist is hip 'cause he has a beard.

And most importantly, the chicks dig it.


  1. He is a serious artist dude. I'll give you $75 million for the henhouse right now.

  2. he's the Van Gogh of backyard animal painting....

  3. That's why we only see one ear?