Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Chicks are Chickens

Our coop can't be ready soon enough. The chicken room is getting crowded as the girls work on establishing hierarchies and generally flouncing around while they look for something to do. That means aspen shavings are flying everywhere and food mixes with poop on the ground.

It has happened. In a very short time our adorable chicks have transformed into mini-chickens. Mind you, we've only had the chickens for about six weeks. We are a little stunned by how quickly they have grown. They no longer resemble chicks, and we are still not certain that they will all end up hens.

Here's a quick before and after.

Ginger when we first got her:

Ginger last week:

Thelma then:

Thelma recently:


and now:

Lizzy was one of our prettiest chicks:

Today she is living proof of the chicken dinosaur connection. Watching her move is like an up close visit to the velociraptor section of Jurassic Park:


Louise is now top chicken. She has a huge single comb which is hard to see in the picture.

Maryann is missing from the photos. While she is a very nice little hen (she's the only one we are 100% sure is female), she doesn't stay still for her photo ops.

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