Sunday, April 25, 2010

We did it!

It was actually a very successful weekend here on the farm. Not only did we pick up the chicken coop, but we managed to paint it. Even Percy pitched in to paint. You can admire it below:

Freshly delivered and quickly (sloppily) primed.

This is not a chicken house it is a chickenhaus!

We're proud of the paint job, but it is screaming for some art.

We tested out colors we want to use on our own house. Any comments on the palette are welcome.

On top of that, we filled in most of the front flower bed with perennials. This was met with smiles and cheers by the walkers who frequently pass and watch us tear out clumps of grass.

Could this weekend be any more productive? Sure! We planted our seed potatoes, peas and pole beans. Billy even helped to dig out his "private" flower bed. Things are looking up at the farm.

We wish this sentiment was a little wider spread. Percy, our ever optimistic 10 year old, told us that when our vegetable farm fails, we should get a cow for the front yard. At least that would be worthwhile.