Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicks are Messy

The chicks out grew their brooder. We knew it was only a matter of time when we entered the closet to find half of the chickens perched on the side of the large bin they were living in. It took us a little while to figure out where and how to keep them. It's still a month away before they can live outside - not that their coop is even close to being done.

We originally intended to keep them in the basement but it's been feeling a little damp down there after the torrential rains of late. We decided they would have to stay in the closet a little longer. But what to keep them in?

We improvised with an unused dog crate that has been sitting in the basement. Here it is:

We thought the crate was a clever idea because it has a tray in the bottom that slides out for easy cleaning... We didn't account for all the crap, quiet literally, that the chicks throw around. We'll have to build some kind of barrier to keep the debris in the cage. On the positive side, they love sitting on their new roosting stick and have more room to move around.


Thelma sleeping

Louise is starting to look like a rooster to us

What a difference a couple of weeks makes


  1. i didnt know chickens perch like other birds. are they affectionate like parrots? looks like they like ther heads rubbed.


  2. Amazing how quickly they are growing. I don't think I could put up with all that crap, though. And don't they need lots of dust? And don't they attract mites? Eccchhhhhh.....

  3. Cinque - They love to perch! Full grown chickens actually sleep on "roosts." A couple of them are friendlier than the others. Ginger and MaryAnne (the two we were going to give away) are really friendly. Ginger loves a good scratch. The others, with prodding, will subject themselves to petting.

    Noel, you are just an anti-chicken meany! (Kidding) Yes they do need dust to roll in. Right now they use aspen chips which is what you see on the floor since they kicked it all outside the cage. Not all of that is poo. That said, the poop is premium compost and will be used to its fullest.