Friday, March 26, 2010

Round two on seedlings

We had some early success with our seedlings. Our flat trays of sprouts were so green and healthy looking that we figured we could transplant the little guys into peat pots. It made sense that the seedlings would need a bit more space. Over the last couple of weeks we've had vibrant green shoots lining every windowsill in the house. Unfortunately, that early progress our seedlings took had a turn for the worse. A high number of seedlings did not survive the change over. Our guess is that we simply moved the seedlings too early. We're also thinking the lack of sunny days in March didn't help.

We should have enough time to start again. This time as well as the starter trays, we've used some of the peat pots to start seeds in and added a full spectrum light to help things along.

 Heck, you can't kill it by transplanting if you don't move it right?


  1. Abby and I share your pain -- we too have been suffering a high casualty rate in our seedling project. Many of our losses, however, are directly related to our giant, bad, orange cat, Eli, who finds them enticing as a nice place to sleep and uses them to help satisfy his unsanctioned dietary desires for greenery.

  2. Cats can really cramp a seedling's style.