Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The magical stereo receiver seed starter

We started some seeds last Saturday -February 27th using a mix of seed starters we bought at the store. After reading various articles on starting seeds, we decided to try an experiment.  Many sites recommend placing seed trays on the top of the refrigerator because of the heat it gives off. We placed one mini-greenhouse starter on top of the fridge and the other one on the top of our stereo receiver. We figured if the refrigerator was good, the receiver in front of the window would be great. Okay, it wasn't a true experiment since we had different seeds in different starters but most of the seed germination guidelines are about the same.

The receiver is in the lead......

From Recently Updated

We figure the combination of heat and sun from the window really accelerated the germination. The lettuce, beets, broccoli and brussel sprouts all germinated in a few days and pushed to a few inches within a week. The red peppers and chili peppers have not germinated yet.

On the top of the refrigerator we have three types of tomatoes and various herbs. The tomatoes and dill germinated in about 6 days and are now starting to sprout up a little. We will move them to a sunny location this week.

It looks as though we will need to transfer many of these to larger pots sooner then we expected.

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